ToneQuest Report: November 2015 – Vol. 17 No. 1


  • The Toneful Addiction Of The Handwired Vox AC30
  • What To Buy And Our Recommended Modifications For Tone That Inspires!
  • Introducing A Truly Great And Classic Guitar That Can Be Had Cheap!
  • The Gibson 120th Anniversary Firebird
  • An Essential Upgrade With Lollar Firebird Pickups
  • Great Small Amp – The Allen LF Model Amplifier
  • Meet Val McCallum…
  • Guitarist With Jackson Browne, Val Talks Tone As Only He Can!
  • The Supro 1696TM Amplifier
  • BC Audio JTX 50 Octal Plexi – Another Killer Amp From BC Audio
  • 1970 Gibson J45
  • The Beauty Of The Magical 4×12 Cab
  • Allstar Pedal Review
  • The $100 Danelectro
  • You Need This: Ampeg Reverberocket!
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