ToneQuest Report: September 2019 – Vol. 20 No. 11


  • The Strad-O-Lin…
  • If You Can Handle The Installation & You Have A Preamp The K&K’s Are Great
  • Two Very Old Guitars Become Brilliantly Amplified
  • ToneDexter Co-Founder James May Lifts The Veil On The ToneDexter
  • We Audition The ToneDexter With An Assortment Of Guitars, Pickups & Mics
  • A Historic Brand Just Gets Better
  • Excellent Volume, Beautiful Tones, The Loudbox Simply Works
  • An Effective Boost & Tone Enhancing Preamp
  • A Pedal That Works As Advertised
  • An Acoustic Wonder… L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic D.I.
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