ToneQuest Report: January 2003 – Vol. 4 No. 3


  • Glaser Instruments— When Nashville’s Top Players Need Their Guitars Refretted, Setup, Or Restored, They Go To Joe Glaser. Our In-Depth Interview Covers Joe Glaser’s Career Operating One Of The Top Guitar Repair Shops In The World, And We Reveal His Amazing PLEK Machine From Germany, Which Dresses Frets With A Precision That Will Change The Way You View A ‘Great’ Fret Job. This Is One Of The Most Requested Issues We’ve Ever Published!
  • Review — The Incredible PLEK Machine!
  • Review — Our TQR Picks For Way Cool Guitars
  • Review & Interview — Visual Sound Effects And Founder Bob Weil
  • Review — The Under 20W Chapter Of Club Whoop Ass (Revisited) Our Picks For New, Little BIG Amps!
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