ToneQuest Report: July 2003 – Vol. 4 No. 9


  • Pete Anderson Tells All…You Know Pete — The Guitarist And Producer Who Shaped The Authentic Bakersfield Sound Of Dwight Yoakam. In Our 2-Part Interview, Pete Chronicles His Dues-Paying Period Out Of Detroit, Struggles With Various Guitars Until Finding The One, Modding His Blackface Deluxes, And More! If You Don’t Learn Some Valuable Lessons From Pete’s Own Words, It’s Time To Put The Guitar Down, Brother!
  • Interview — Pete Anderson… Guitars Cadillacs & Amp Farm…
  • Review — The Tom Anderson Hollow Classic — A Big Step Up From 1954
  • Review — Midrange Deluxe — The ‘Raw Mod’ For Your Deluxe Reverb
  • Review — Building The Perfect Plexi With Peter Stroud, Don Butler, And Mercury Magnetics!
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