ToneQuest Report: December 2003 – Vol. 5 No. 2


  • Meet The Mighty Tone Kings! Eric Johnson And Sonny Landreth On Nailing It The First Time, Gear, Tone, Technique And More! Two Of The Most Admired, Unique And Identifiable Players In The World Reveal Their Tone Secrets In This Stellar Issue, From Dumbles To Vibroverbs, Vintage Marshalls And A Lot More! Don’t Miss This One…
  • Interview — Eric Johnson, Sonny Landreth
  • Reviews — The Face Of Fuzz… Vintage Fuzz Faces And Two Modern Alternatives
  • Review — Wee Heavy & Bold As Luv… Our 1968 Marshall Basketweave Cab Meets The 4×12 TV Reissue!
  • Review — Introducing The Victoria Sovereign
  • Review — Introducing The Roccaforte 30W
  • Review & Interview — The CR Coils Crossroads Humbucker
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