ToneQuest Report: August 2005 – Vol. 6 No. 10


  • The Mythology Of Tone…Are You A Slave To Hype?
  • Interview – Busting Myths In Finland… Meet Juha Ruokangas
  • Review – Ruokangas Duke And Mojo Grande Guitars
  • Articles – 13 Myths Revealed
  • Are The Best Guitars Are Still Built In The USA?
  • Are The Best “Tone Woods” Still Mahogany, Alder, Ash, Rosewood & Spruce?
  • Is Nitro Still The Best Finish?
  • Are The Thinnest Finishes Really Found On The Most Expensive Guitars?
  • Archtop Guitars – Good For More Than Jazz, Swing & Retirement?
  • Are Hand-Wired, Point-To-Point Amps Always Superior To PC Board Tube Amps?
  • Do The Lightest Guitars Always Sound Best?
  • Completely Original Vintage Amps Always Sound Best, Right?
  • Figured Tops On Guitars…Do They Matter?
  • How Risky Is eBay?
  • Does The Gear You Play Matter, Or Is Tone Really In The Hands?
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