ToneQuest Report: August 2006 – Vol. 7 No. 10


  • Where Is Eric Burdon? Our Exclusive Interview With The Animals’ Legend. No, He Isn’t A Guitar Player, But Burdon’s Account Of The British Invasion, Hendrix’ Rise To Fame And The Animals Chart-Topping Hits Is Unforgettable, Essential Reading
  • Interview – Hilton Valentine…The Original Animals Guitarist’s Ascension To Fame, The Disappearing Gear, Rose Colored Glasses And The Return To Skiffle
  • Interview – Eric McFadden…Amplified Archtops, Gut String Guitars, Hot Pedals & A Twin… Burdon’s Touring Guitarist On Taking The Road Less Traveled
  • Review – Mister Blows Jangles – The Danelectro DC 12… Finally, An Affordable, Playable Electric 12-String With TONE!
  • Review – The Perfect $295 Slider… The Dano ’56 Pro
  • Interview – Victoria’s Mark Baier On The New Victoria Regal Amp
  • Review – Our Review Of The Regal
  • Review – Steal This Amp! The 1960 Brown Fender Pro 6G5
  • Review – Can’t Touch This… The Reissue Foxx Tone Machine
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