ToneQuest Report: February 2006 – Vol. 7 No. 4


  • Introducing Eastwood Guitars And
  • “Radical Vintage Guitars That Play Better Than The Originals…”
  • Eastwood Founder Michael Robinson On Building Replicas Of The Most Bizarre Vintage Guitars From Europe & Japan
  • ToneQuest Eastwood Reviews… Valco Airline Univox Hiflyer Stormbird Wandre ‘Doris’
  • Fargen Amplifiers… Benjamin Fargen Interview
  • Review – The Fargen Blackbird Amp
  • Review – Avatar Speakers & Cabinets – Aged Avatar “”Hellatone”” G12H30
  • Reader Q&A – The Vocabulary Of Tone… What Do The Words Really Mean?
  • Review – The ToneQuest Clarksdale Amp Is Born!
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