ToneQuest Report: August 2007 – Vol. 8 No. 10


  • Double Trouble… Stolen SRV Stash Revealed
  • Stevie Ray Vaughan’s ’64 Vibroverb Modded By César Diaz, Pedals And More
  • The Return Of Terry Dobbs (That’s Mr. Valco To You…)
  • Review – Vintage Valco Amps Reviewed – Late ‘40s 1×12 McKinney, The National Deluxe & Airline 8503T
  • Terry Dobb’s Favorite Valcos Plus, A Buyer’s Guide To Valco Amps!
  • Buying A Stairway To Nowhere… The Supro Coronado 1690T
  • Review – Yes, You Need One Of These… CP Thornton Guitars – Chuck Thornton On Building Truly Better Guitars In Maine, One At A Time
  • CP Thornton Reviews – Fusion Blues Queen Elite
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