ToneQuest Report: January 2007 – Vol. 8 No. 3


  • How About Some New Tones For The New Year!
  • Five Years Later And It’s Still Our #1 Pick For An Acoustic Guitar…The Martin D18 Golden Era 1934 THE NEXT BIG THING
  • Boutique Vintage Vox AC30’s The Toneman’s Take… How Don Butler M akes A 45 Year Old Vox Roadworthy Unbelievable… Our Review Of Toneman’s Top Boost Kit
  • The AC30 Custom Classic… Affordable, But How Close Does It Get?
  • Under The Hood At Carr Amps With Steve Carr… Our Review Of The New Carr Vincent!
  • The New Marquis From 65 Amps With Peter Stroud
  • Koch Guitar Electronics, Amersfoort, Netherlands Our Reviews Of The Koch Studiotone, Classictone & Multitone Amps
  • It’s Hot In Austin,TX… Durham Electronics Sex Drive
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