ToneQuest Report: June 2007 – Vol. 8 No. 8


  • The Art Of Vintage Amp Restoration…
  • The Next Big Thing In ‘Vintage’ Amps – Gregg Hopkins’ Aged Tweed Restorations Revealed!
  • The Quest For Tweed Tone On The Cheap… Think You Can’t Afford A Vintage Fender Tweed Amp Bigger Than A Champ? Think Again…
  • Scoring And Restoring A ‘58 Vibrolux & ‘58 Tremolux
  • Yes, You Can Build Your Dream… Jeff Swanson On Custom Cabinet Building The Ultimate Sharp-Dressed Amp…
  • Our Vintage AC30 Gets A Makeover As An Authentic Vox Blonde With Swanson Custom Sound
  • The DST 30 ‘Redhead’ With Bob Dettorre The Gibson Custom Shop KS336 From The “Inspired By” Series
  • Recording The Beatles
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