ToneQuest Report: April 2008 – Vol. 9 No. 6


  • The Spanish Castle… A Day In The Life Of Six ’59 Les Pauls…
  • Review – The PAF And Patent Number Pickup Mystique Explored, Tested And Revealed!
  • Our Review Of Ten PAF And Patent Number Pickups In New Historic Les Pauls…
  • Which Contemporary Pickup Builders Have Nailed The True PAF Vibe?
  • Michael Bloomfield’s Super Session Tracks – The Ultimate PAF Tone?
  • Review – Grist For The Grind… Vintage P90s Find A Home In Our Les Paul Junior
  • Review – The Twin From Bloody Hell… ’73 Marshall Super Lead
  • Review – Mythical ‘Korean’ Duesenbergs De-Bunked
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