ToneQuest Report: May 2008 – Vol. 9 No. 7


  • Seventy Prototypes & A Year In The Making… Bill Collings On Designing & Building Collings Electrics
  • Review – Jonn Richardson Buys A Collings CL Flawless, Faultless Perfection… Collings I35 & CL Guitars
  • “Bird Lives…” Collings OM1 Acoustic
  • Take This Piece Of Junk And Restore It… Gord Miller & GM Vintage
  • Vintage Parts Bizarre And The Historic Makeover Of Yer Historic Guitar…
  • No ‘Truss Rod Condoms’ Thank You! Toneman’ Don Butler On The Makeover Of His Historic Les Paul
  • ‘You Can Only Get It Here…’ Peter Frampton’s Obsession With Sounds
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