ToneQuest Report: July 2008 – Vol. 9 No. 9


  • Making The Right Choice The First Time… It’s What We All Want, And It’s Never Been Tougher… Finding The (Affordable) Wild Things That Inspire…
  • The 1964 Blackface Deluxe – So Much Better Than You Remember, And Cheaper, Too!
  • The Most Overlooked, Versatile & Toneful Blackface Fender? The ‘Golden Voice’ Of The ‘64 Blackface Pro 1×15… Essential Blackface Midrange, Gain And Power ‘Mods’ Revisited
  • Jim Campilongo On The New Fender Reissue Blackface Princeton Reverb
  • Todd Sharp On The Real Differences Between Blackface Amps With And Without Reverb, Plus Q&A On The Reissue Deluxe Reverb
  • Are You A Valco Man? The Supro 1696T 1×15, ‘Tea For One,’ Plus The Return Of Mr.Valco
  • Riverhorse Scores A ‘53 National De-Luxe
  • Lost & Found… A Letter From Ken Fischer
  • The Outer Limits! New From Juha Ruokangas… The Duke Twin-Sonic And Mojo With Curved Frets And Thidell Formula I ‘True Temperament’
  • Adrian Legg Reviews The Effectrode Phaseomatic Deluxe
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