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An amplifier is an extension of a guitarist’s heart and soul, and everyone working at Carr Amps is a guitarist with a deep love and appreciation for the music we make with the guitar. We first spoke with Steve Carr and featured reviews of his first six amps in February, 2001 when Steve described the genesis of his company:

“I wanted to make a louder, more versatile version of my Deluxe Reverb. So I found a 40×25 barn for rent in the woods— tin roof, no insulation, no water…We developed the Rambler during that time… probably June of 1999. If I had to pick, I’d lean toward the American sound— 6V6 or 6L6 amps— the Fender sound to some extent. When I listen to someone else’s amp, generally the first thing I look for is a really nice clean sound.”

Since then Steve Carr has created a wide and varied range of eminently toneful and versatile amplifiers for professional guitarists, weekend players and enthusiasts, always with the goal of creating amplifiers that look as uniquely fine as they sound. Steve has a sharp eye for design, and his amps are unmistakably Carr through and through. They will never be mistaken for something other than a Carr. Combined with his incomparable build quality, stout transformers, proprietary Solen caps, custom cabinets and a variety of specially selected speakers, Carr offers today’s guitar player a choice of 8 different amplifiers hand built at the Carr shop in Pittsboro, North Carolina, including the Telstar, Raleigh, Mercury V, Skylark, Sportsman, the original Rambler, Impala and venerable Slant 6V.

And when you choose a Carr amp you are in good company that includes players such as Eric Johnson, Joe Perry, Joe Walsh, Keith Richards, Vince Gill, and Nils Lofgren, to name just a few.

With over 20 years of experience building custom amps and a wide ranging dealer network spanning the USA and many countries abroad, auditioning a Carr has never been easier or more convenient. You may also contact Carr directly for any questions you may have regarding their entire range of professional amplifiers made by musicians, for musicians. As it says on their website, “We invite you to contact us personally to assist you in choosing the best Carr amp for your needs.”

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