Eminence Speaker, LLC is a leading American manufacturer of high-quality loudspeakers and audio products. Based in Eminence, Kentucky, the company has operated for over 56 years and has become a trusted brand in the music industry.

Eminence was founded in 1966 by Bob Gault, and the company quickly grew in popularity among musicians and audio engineers. During the 1970s, Eminence Speaker began supplying speakers to some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Fender, Ampeg, and Peavey. In 1974, the company moved to its current location in Eminence, operating a 100,000-square-foot facility.

In 2002, Eminence Speaker opened a second manufacturing facility in Dongguan, China, to meet the growing demand for its products. Today, the company produces more than 6,000 different loudspeakers and employs over 150 people worldwide.

Eminence Speaker builds a wide range of loudspeakers and audio products, including guitar and bass speakers, pro audio speakers, and car audio speakers. The company also offers custom design services for customers who need specialized speakers for unique applications. Sound reinforcement for concerts and events, recording studios, and home audio systems are an example of various applications using Eminence Pro Audio speakers. In addition to speakers, Eminence also produces a range of audio accessories, including crossovers, horns, and compression drivers. These products work seamlessly with Eminence’s woofers and midranges, allowing audio professionals to create complete, high-quality sound systems.

Eminence produces several lines of speakers targeted at musicians seeking to improve their sound. Among Eminence’s most popular products is the Legend Series of speakers, which features a range of guitar and bass guitar speakers based on classic designs to deliver high-quality tone and performance. Eminence’s Signature Series draws from the needs and expertise of professional musicians who have partnered with Eminence engineers to create speakers designed to enhance the player’s tone. The Patriot and Redcoat series provides guitarists with cutting-edge performance and tone options.

Driven by innovation, Eminence continues to be on the cutting edge of speaker design with products such as the NSW-6021-6, a class-leading 21-inch subwoofer, and the Omega Pro 2KW Series featuring high power handling and an extended frequency range. Eminence has also earned a reputation for innovation by incorporating new materials and creative processes to create speakers. One example is the company’s use of hemp in speakers, such as the Cannabis Rex guitar speaker and the CannaBass™ line of bass guitar speakers.

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