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“Everything I do is voiced with the same goal in mind. All my cables are designed to “disappear” as much as possible without imparting any signature of their own on the signal path.”—Tony Farinella, Founder, Evidence Audio.

We thought you might enjoy reading some comments from actual users of Evidence Audio cables:

Phil Taylor— The man singularly responsible for all of Pink Floyd’s and David Gilmour’s equipment and instruments.

“We’re careful about choosing equipment both for the Astoria and what David is going to play through. We did extensive listening tests, it was apparent that your cables— both the Lyric HG signal cable and the Siren speaker cable were the choice for guitars and bass. We were so impressed that we even replaced the ‘captive’ speaker cables in David’s combo amps. They out-performed all other cables we tried. They are very well balanced and open across the entire frequency range with a lot of detail and dynamic in the mids and bottom end whilst still sounding smooth and clear at the top end. David is currently using them in the studio— working on a new project.”

Carl Verheyen— Carl Verheyen Band, Supertramp

“I recently had my studio rack rewired by my friend Alan Cyr. The entire rack was done with Evidence Audio cable and it has never sounded better! The improvement was immeasurable; the difference is like night and day! For the first time since owning this gear I am finally able to hear it as it really sounds, which is fantastic.”

Reeves Gabrels— Solo Artist, David Bowie, The Cure “Evidence Audio cable is the sonic equivalent putting cream in your coffee after years of non-fat, non-dairy creamer. When I plugged in my first cable it was like hearing my guitar and amp for the first time. Once you play you won’t be able to use any other.”

—Scott Henderson “The preservation of detail is remarkable. Every touch on the guitar I make gets through to the amp (which is not always a good thing!) The top end is sweet, and the bottom is fast and punchy. A really nice cable for when presence is a priority.”

JJ French— Twisted Sister “With the hearing I still have left, it’s still obvious to me that these are the best cables I have ever heard.”

Ross Hogarth— Grammy winner; Jewel, Roger Waters, Keb Mo, Coal Chamber, Black Crowes, REM, Shawn Colvin

“I am blown away with the noticeable difference in sonics between the Evidence Audio cables and general cables. I consider these cables a new and important tool in my never-ending quest for better audio quality. I am still amazed at the depth and clarity I heard on first listen. Please don’t trust me, you be the judge. I am absolutely certain you will be more than pleasantly surprised.”

The ToneQuest Report “Evidence Audio cable solves a potentially vexing problem for guitarists. Once you acquire an Evidence Cable you won’t have to think about your guitar cable ever again.”

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