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Fane Acoustics, the world-renowned manufacturer of guitar loudspeakers, has been closely associated with legendary British bands and guitar amplification manufacturers since 1958.

Meticulously hand-built in the UK, our dedicated engineering and design team puts extensive knowledge and passion into developing finely crafted guitar loudspeakers that are among the very best in the industry. Combining heritage with innovation, our design philosophy delivers high performance, unrivaled quality, incredible tone, and superb musicality that perfectly meet the needs of today’s players.

Experience the next level of performance with our Ascension Series. Featuring ceramic and alnico magnets, each model offers exceptional balance and detail for a broad range of tones and playing styles. Designed to excel individually, they can also be combined to create unique and expansive tones. Whether used individually or in combination, the ascension series provides consistent performance, reliability, and a dynamic tonal response that will elevate your performance and enhance your musical expression.

Fane Acoustics understands the needs of OEM cabinet and amp manufacturers, with expertise in both high and low-volume production. We offer customized solutions for existing models or the creation of completely custom units. Our goal is to provide exceptional value at competitive prices and assist manufacturers in creating standout products. Interested manufacturers are invited to get in touch with Fane Acoustics to discuss their needs and explore how we can bring their unique product concepts into reality.

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