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Lindy Fralin has been a creative force in the guitar and bass pickup industry for over twenty five years and his guitar pickups are relied on by some of the greatest and most accomplished guitarists on the planet.

Fralin Pickups began in the historic Fan District in Richmond, Virginia. Lindy’s passion for guitars and the glorious sounds they make led him to begin acquiring broken pickups from local music stores and rewinding them with a winder built from a sewing machine motor and a variac in a coffee can. The enthusiastic response he received from local guitar players was overwhelmingly positive, and Lindy Fralin Pickups was born.

From his initial rewind business, Lindy was able to acquire some of the most sought after vintage pickups ever wound. Over the years he received pickups to be repaired from throughout the country, and his passion for music pushed him to examine all the details inherent in classic vintage pickups to understand and determine the source of their magic. He still enjoys talking tone with players never gets tired of listening to what they want from their guitars. Today, Lindy Fralin Pickups is a nimble manufacturing shop offering a wide variety of single coil and humbucking pickups, including Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster, humbucking and bass pickups, as well as creative new designs not found elsewhere. Lindy and his team continue to develop new pickup models while ardently honoring the great guitar tones of the past.

Fralin Pickups remains a small shop of ten employees taking great pride in their exceptional customer service, frequently speaking with their customers via email or over the phone to determine which Fralin pickups will best suit their needs. Fralin pickups are assembled from the highest quality USA-made materials in existence, and every pickup they build is wound and tested by hand with unsurpassed and meticulous attention to detail. Lindy Fralin’s foremost wish is that his customers continue to be completely thrilled with the tone, clarity, and articulate character of his pickups.

For more information on Lindy’s vintage-inspired and innovative new pickup models, please visit the website or call. Lindy and staff look forward to working with you to achieve the inspired and inspiring guitar tones you seek.

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