Fralin Pickups

Lindy Fralin has been a creative force in the guitar and bass pickup industry for over twenty five years and his guitar pickups are relied on by some of the greatest and most accomplished guitarists on the planet. Fralin Pickups began in the historic Fan District in Richmond, Virginia. Lindy’s passion for guitars and the […]

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Gleason Aging Logo

Gleason Finish & Aging

”Quality does not have to mean expensive, and expensive does NOT always mean quality. Guitars are very personal; and in order to maximize the effectiveness of any guitar, one must understand the individual needs of themselves as a player before looking at all of the bells and whistles on the build sheet. Understanding this will […]

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Just Strings Logo

Just Strings

Now more than ever, guitarists are reaping the benefits of technical innovations in string making that have led to the widest selection of guitar strings ever available. is dedicated to providing guitarists with the largest selection of acoustic, roundwound, and flatwound strings, complimented by exceptional personalized service and outstanding value. Trying different types of […]

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Kimsey Logo

Kimsey Lutherie

Bryan Kimsey is an accomplished craftsman with a passion for fixing up old Martin guitars. He is also a cattle rancher who plays with dirt bikes and there is a fascinating blog on his website that chronicles the adventures of him and his son hunting elk on the high plains of New Mexico. Bryan graduated […]

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Lollar Pickups

What started more than three decades ago with one man building guitars and winding his own pickups has become the standard of what a high-quality pickup should be. With a product and service lineup featuring pickups for electric guitar, bass, steel guitar, and more, as well as custom items and vintage pickup repair, Lollar Pickups […]

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Magnatone Logo

Magnatone Amplification

There are a lot of guitar amplifiers being built today— more than you could ever experience in a single lifetime as a guitarist. At Magnatone, we understand that buying a new, hand-wired custom amplifier is a big deal and a very important decision. So naturally you might ask, “Why buy a Magnatone?” Our amplifiers quite […]

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Ruokangas Logo


Juha Ruokangas is the founder and sole owner of Ruokangas Guitars (est. 1995). He designs all the Ruokangas guitar models, and builds them together with his small dream team in Finland. Juha is one of the very few Finnish luthiers with a Master’s Degree, and his guitars are regarded in various books, magazines and other […]

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StewMac Logo

Stewart MacDonald

Stewart MacDonald offers a complete line of hard–to–find tools, parts, accessories, instructional videos and books for building, repairing, setting up, and optimizing the playability and tone of stringed instruments. Whether you are just getting started or you’re a seasoned luthier, you’ll find everything you need in the Stew–Mac catalog, including: fret wire, finishing supplies, glues […]

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Speaker Workshop Logo

The Speaker Workshop

The Speaker Workshop is our only choice for expert speaker reconing and restoration. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the staff at the Speaker Workshop are true experts at reconing all types of loud speakers for guitar, home audio and automotive use. From vintage Jensens to Celestion, Pyle, JBL Eminence, Electro-Voice, Fane, Altec Lansing, Fender, Marshall, […]

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Truetone Logo


Truetone is a world leader in pedalboard power supplies and accessories. Launched by Bob Weil in 1995, the company was formed on a bedrock of innovative ideas, and plain old hard work. Weil’s inspired labors landed him a spot as both a leading member of the vanguard of stompbox builders of the 90s and as […]

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