Juha Ruokangas is the founder and sole owner of Ruokangas Guitars (est. 1995). He designs all the Ruokangas guitar models, and builds them together with his small dream team in Finland. Juha is one of the very few Finnish luthiers with a Master’s Degree, and his guitars are regarded in various books, magazines and other independent sources as some of the finest in the world. Juha is also a co-founder and the vice president of EGB (European Guitar Builders association) and the chairman of Guild of Finnish Luthiers.

“In the world of boutique guitars, Ruokangas sets the bar as a standard by which all of the boutique guitar companies should be measured against for making an outstanding product. I am a very proud owner of these instruments!”— Jay Jay French/Twisted Sister

“Ruokangas guitars are well-made and they sound really sweet. They’re built in what I’d call the right tradition.”— Mick Box/Uriah Heep

“Last time I bought an electric guitar (Telecaster) in 1966, and now it was time to buy another one. The Mojo Grande is the most acoustic electric guitar I’ve ever played. This is superb!”— Tommy Emmanuel

“My Duke is an indispensable tool in my toolbox. It is an exceptionally made guitar that sounds and plays like a top quality instrument should. The feel and finish is as good as it gets. It barks and growls like a p90 loaded 50’s era guitar. It will always be a part of my arsenal. I use it all the time.”— Josh Smith

“Your attention to detail and sonic resonance is as good as it gets. The fret work is perfect and they almost have a bell like ring to them, even the solid bodies but especially the Unicorn Artisan. Great work, keep it up!”—Bob Willcutt/Willcutt Guitars

“The Ruokangas guitars kick ass!”— Matias Kupiainen/Stratovarius, Finland

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LocationHarviala, Finland
Email[email protected]
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