You’re invited to a private monthly consultation with the world’s foremost experts on tone— the most successful players— all the true innovators who share an unwavering obsession. They will literally try anything, anytime, anywhere, in their Quest for Tone. Jason Lollar and Lindy Fralin relentlessly pursued this approach to building pickups. Larry Cragg journeyed to the temple of tone every night with Neil Young. Yes… Talent, Heart and Dedication count. But Carlos Santana said it best. “My tone is all I have. Your tone is your fingerprint and your personality.”

If you’re really serious about the guitar and achieving Signature Tone you must read the story behind the development of this vitally unique resource, and why subscribing to The ToneQuest Report® is one of the most important creative decisions you’ll ever make as a guitarist.

In January 1999, We posted several gear reviews on a popular guitar-oriented website, and we immediately began to receive a flood of email inquiries from guitarists around the world—from Texas, California, Michigan, Tennessee, and New York, to Argentina, Japan, Denmark, England, and Australia. And through our contacts with so many intensely curious guitar players, We quickly realized that each of us had embarked on a personal quest to achieve our individual concepts of Ultimate Tone. Indeed, the Quest for Tone had become fundamental to our relationship with our instruments, and our very lives as musicians. And in our discussions with these guitarists, We were constantly reminded of an enduring truth that has never been more apparent than it is today… Finding your unique, Signature Tone is a profoundly important personal journey that is incredibly complex, time-consuming, needlessly hit or miss and often very expensive.

Finally, there is a better way to achieve your Quest for Signature Tone.

We passionately believe that you should never have to make an important decision about selecting or using any gear based solely on advertising, word of mouth, or emotion. And let’s face it, many of the best deals on the most desirable guitars, amps, and accessories will be found on the internet, leaving you faced with the challenge of spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on equipment that you’ll never really hear… until it’s yours.

If you could ask the world’s foremost experts on Tone what they recommend based on their years of professional experience and success, would you?

That is precisely why we’ve created The ToneQuest Report®


Each issue of The ToneQuest Report® reveals proven, inside secrets developed by pros who have made the journey— experts who make their living sounding great, or making sure someone else does, night after night. Learning from both their successes and failures will lead you to your destination— Signature Tone— faster, with fewer detours, less risk, and more personal gratification and sheer joy than all the books, bulletin boards, and advertising on the planet.

The pros that we’ve assembled on The ToneQuest Report® Editorial Advisory Board are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable talents in the business, including renowned players, technicians, product developers, manufacturers, and engineers.

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