Lee Roy Parnell on the LRP Humbuckers…

Lee Roy Parnell has the touch, and we discovered that he has been chasing the sound of those old Gibson guitars for decades. He hooked up with pickup winder Ron Ellis to contrive a new set of Lee Roy’s signature pickups, and Lee Roy describes the process here.  Our review follows Lee Roy’s comments. Enjoy… […]

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Our Interview With Jason Lollar On His Regal ‘Fender’ Humbuckers

During the past 60 years the Telecaster has been modified in countless ways, at first by players who sought to make the Tele more versatile and later by Fender designers tasked with creating a more diverse range of instruments to sell. We’ve seen many brass nuts on old Telecasters (most since replaced), humbuckers and mini […]

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Turning Coils Jason Lollar

To everything, turn, turn, turn, There is a season, turn, turn, turn, And a time to every purpose under heaven — Pete Seeger In simpler times, players played the pickups that came in their guitars and that was the end of it. Hispanic women wound coils in Fullerton, Latvian women wound ‘em in Kalamazoo, and […]

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