ToneQuest Report: September 2021 – Vol. 22, No. 11


In the September Issue of ToneQuest report, we interview Pat Buchanan, check out a timeless Telecaster, and review some incredible guitars and pedals! You won’t want to miss this. See the description below for all the topics covered.



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What's Inside This Issue:

The Pat Buchanan interview… One of Nashville’s top studio guitarists shares his history working in Atlanta and Music City, his approach to recording, and the essential guitars, amps, and effects he uses in the studio. Pat’s exploits are tremendously informative and an entertaining read!

The ToneQuest Tele… Our brief adventure with an old Fender Telecaster once owned by Stephen Stills made an impression that never waned, and now we are endeavoring to recreate it.

Familiar yet unique, the Novo Miris inspires visions of a guitar with a past, yet built for the present, and P90s have never sounded so good.

Dirty Knobs … A remarkably toneful rendition of a forgotten relic from the past, Bill Nash’s faithful copy of the ‘70s Seamoon Fresh Fuzz left us mightily impressed.

The True Tone Clean Boost may be just what you need to work the clean and dirty paradigm in your rig.

The Emerson EM-Drive captures the sound of an overdriven guitar and amp with a beautiful tone that won’t unravel the fundamentals of your rig, and at $89 it is a ridiculous steal.

The Ethos TWE-1 is rich with tone-shaping tools inspired by Trainwreck amps. A high-gain device that really burns.

Chorus is a beautiful thing for guitar, and the Arion Landau Vertex is a must-have pedal that won’t break the bank.

A breezy Telecaster loaded with two P90 pickups! The Fender Noventa inspires your craving for a Tele with traditional styling, easy playability, and versatile tones that simply work for rock, country, and blues.