ToneQuest Report: June 2011 – Vol. 12 No. 8


  • For Elitist’s Only… An Adventure With The Epiphone Elitist Casino & Master Luthier Naguro
  • Goldilocks & The Big Bad Wolf… Why We Scored Another Stellar 2010 Goldtop ‘St. Paul Closet Classic’
  • Wolfetone Dr. Vintage Humbuckers Reviewed!
  • Introducing Chris Kronlein’s K-Line Guitars…
  • We Review The Springfield, Truxton & San Bernardino Plus An Interview With Chris Kronlein
  • Your Next POS Guitar… The Danelectro ‘59 DC Reviewed And Optimized
  • The PRS Texaplex Plus, The SC ‘58 And Another Visit On The Porch With David Grissom
  • Analogman Does It Again… The Astrotone Fuzz
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