ToneQuest Report: July 2005 – Vol. 6 No. 9


  • You Can Only Get It Here… The David Lindley Interview!
  • What Is Hip? The Duke Of Tone Runs Down The Glory Days Of The L.A. Music Scene – The Gear, The Players, The Builders & The Tones…
  • Cubic Shitloads Of Good Old Wire… “Oh, Let Me Charge That Up For Ya…” Lindley’s Secretive Trips To Doc Kauffman’s Shop In Santa Ana
  • Dave On Mining Maximum Tone… “It’s Always Been This Way…” Matching The Right Pickups To The Right Amp Is The Thang…
  • A Conversation With Dave’s #1 Tone Guy – The Grease Man… Henry McCullough
  • The Rarest Amplifier Ever Made… The Standel 25L15 Danny McKinney’s Standel Amps
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