Dave’s Guitar Shop

Dave’s Guitar Shop offers guitars by Fender, Gibson, PRS, National, Taylor, Gretsch, Ernie Ball, Rickenbacker, Martin, Suhr, Collings, Tom Anderson and many other fine new and used instruments, plus new and used amplifiers such as Fender, Victoria, and Dr. Z, plus hundreds of guitar effects, and aftermarket pickups from Seymour Duncan, and more. Due to their inventory of over 3,000 guitars, amps, and accessories, Dave’s is an excellent resource for top of the line Custom Shop and Historic reissues, to intermediate new and used gear. Unlike some dealers’ out of date stock lists on the web and in print, Dave’s inventory is updated daily. The selection of new and used instruments is truly exceptional, and you can often select among several models of the same new guitars to find that special instrument that was meant for you. Dave’s staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the instruments and gear that they sell, because they are players, too. Please check the website for current inventory, and you are welcome to call for more information or an accurate, in-hand description.

Now at three Wisconsin locations: La Crosse, Madison, and Milwaukee.

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