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There are a lot of guitar amplifiers being built today— more than you could ever experience in a single lifetime as a guitarist. At Magnatone, we understand that buying a new, hand-wired custom amplifier is a big deal and a very important decision. So naturally you might ask, “Why buy a Magnatone?” Our amplifiers quite literally speak for themselves… and all deliver True Dimensional Sound.

Yes, they are still American made… and include their patented pitch shifting vibrato, offered in mono or stereo with dual output transformers, tremolo and reverb too. And our attention to first class build quality is as tastefully appointed both inside the chassis as well as the cosmetics on the exterior are pure luxury.

All cabinets are covered in a 100% cotton textile material that will age gracefully, have leather handles made by the Amish in Lancaster, PA and come with a Victoria Luggage protective cover made with the same material Rolls Royce makes their automobile convertible tops with, and spare no expense in every detail. Most importantly, you’re able to dial in your tone within fifteen or thirty seconds time.

Neil Young and his long time guitar tech, Larry Cragg both have influenced the sound and tone of the Traditional Collection models. Their request was to make these models touch sensitive, have dynamic range, and are meant for those players that prefer amps with NO master volume. Larry Cragg demanded power tube saturation that achieve in his words…. “the tone of our time!”

The Varsity Reverb is the beginning of the Traditional Collection offered by Magnatone as a combo/head, two EL-84 power tubes for 15 watts of pure tube tone designed with a Princeton preamp, and British power section, tube driven full length reverb that vintage amp lovers will gladly take on the road or easily carry to the club.

The Panoramic Stereo features combo/ head powered by two pair of EL-84 power tubes for 12+12 watts of stereo power. Add our patented stereo varistor pitch-shifting vibrato and full length Accutronics reverb tank, tube tremolo and you have the perfect ‘grab and go’ amplifier.

The Twilighter is our preeminent combo/head, 22 watt dual 6V6 amp with a GZ34 rectifier tube and the original Magnatone varistor based pitch shifting vibrato. Reverb and tremolo of course. The perfect club and recording amp, the Twilighter possesses great clean and beautiful overdriven tones.

The flagship of the Traditional Collection is the Twilighter Stereo combo/head that also features our exclusive varistor-based pitch shifting vibrato and has 22+22 watts of stereo power with two pair of 6V6 power tubes, GZ34 rectifier and as with all Magnatone amps, the speakers are custom made and voiced by Warehouse Guitar Speakers for a truly vintage American sound.

Billy Gibbons helped design the Master Collection and these models feature a master volume with separate pre and power amp custom made knobs. In honor of ZZ Top’s 50th Anniversary, Magnatone has released a limited edition gold and tan cosmetics just like what is currently on tour or the standard black levant and silver cosmetics.

The new Super Fifteen is 15 watts, has a pair of EL-84 tubes and master volume making it the perfect size for club work and is available as a combo or head with 1×12 cabinet. It also features a speaker emulation load resistor feature for silent practice with using the 1/4 inch head phone jack or go direct to a console or computer.

The Super Fifty Nine M-80 head/ combo is two amps in one with both the previously released MK I and MK II models made by Magnatone. Featuring two EL-34 power tubes delivering 45 watts of power with the extra gain stage of the MK I and as with all Master Collection models, it has a tube buffered effects loop. The high and low gain modes can be foot switchable and are simply outstanding and eminently gig worthy.

The Super Fifty Nine MK II head/ combo is also 45 watts, two EL-34 power tubes with 4-band tone stack like the M-80 but also include the Magnatone famous pitch shifting vibrato and tremolo. This amp delivers powerful performance that is versatile and exceptionally toneful and capable of being heard with a full band.

We are very proud of the entire line of Magnatone amps, but you needn’t take our word for their exceptional tone and custom designs. We never give away Magnatone amp, and the comments you are about to read are from players who bought their amps… Ted Kornblum— Magnatone

 “Magnatone is a clean machine with a bunch of crunch!”— Billy Gibbons

 “The amps are really touch sensitive, just like my playing!”— Jeff Beck

 “You can tell the amps are well made just based on the detail that went into their workmanship. I mean, they just sound great the moment you plug in.”— Charlie Sexton

“You should get a medal for bringing the Magnatone brand back to life, and so well.”— Keith Urban

“The Super Fifty-Nine sounds like a really good old Marshall…. and I can’t wait to use the Twilighter Stereo in the studio.”— Joe Walsh

“I fell in love with the Magnatone and threw it in the rig immediately. It’s basically a really well-built boutique type amplifier but with the vibrato from the early days. There’s really nothing else quite like it as far as amplifier vibrato goes, and I think shifting the pitch actually adds something extra to the tone that you don’t really get otherwise. With the Twilighter, you can get a really huge sound that is way bigger sounding than the physical size of the amp actually is.— Jason Isbell

“Congratulations on your new amp company. You did it… and you did it RIGHT!”— Neil Young

“I’m proudly representing Magnatone amps out here on the road and in the studio… and you should be proud… your amps sound great. I’m getting some really good tones and the Twilighter sure does get “the tone.”— Lukas Nelson

“I really dig your new Magnatone amps, man. In fact, I played the Twilighter Stereo when I was honored at the Music Cares 2017 “Person of The Year” concert and it sounded really good.”— The late Tom Petty

“I think Magnatone is going to do really well filling the shoes of some of those famous amp companies that have been asleep for years, and the new Varsity Reverb does it and is on tour with me.”— David Crosby

“The sound of my Twilighter is just perfect. What else can I say… the amp speaks for itself.”— Graham Nash

“I didn’t know new amps could sound as good as vintage ones, but the new Magnatone amps sure do.” — Alejandro Escovedo

“I own lots of amps, and recently sold a bunch of the ones I didn’t really need, but I kept the new Magnatone Stereo Twilighter.”— Joe Bonamassa

“Ted Kornblum and his dedicated kickass all-American team have resurrected the mighty classic Magnatone amplifier line that I started out with in 1959, and I am celebrating the greatest guitar tone in the history of the world with the Super Fifty-Nine! Made in America by American badasses!”— Ted Nugent

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