Truetone is a world leader in pedalboard power supplies and accessories. Launched by Bob Weil in 1995, the company was formed on a bedrock of innovative ideas, and plain old hard work. Weil’s inspired labors landed him a spot as both a leading member of the vanguard of stompbox builders of the 90s and as a pedal power supply visionary via his 1 SPOT and 1 SPOT Pro line.

Truetone’s brick-style power supplies, the 1 SPOT Pro CS-7, CS-12, and the low-profile CS-6 revolutionized the pedal power supply market with their lightweight designs and high power capacity. With the capability of powering just about any effect device and the freedom of being used anywhere in the world, the 1 SPOT Pro line quickly became the new standard for brick-style power supplies. 1 SPOTs are used by the top pedalboard builders and can be found on professional pedalboards across the globe.

With top-of-the-line power supplies, Truetone also has the finest in pedalboard accessories. Offerings include the MA Milliamp Meter that can measure the actual power draw of just about any pedal, the handy TVD voltage doubler, and an entire line of power cables and converter plugs to help any guitarist get their pedalboard gig-ready.

Check out the Truetone website for more information, videos, and news about all the great Truetone products.

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