Truetone (formerly known as Visual Sound) was launched by Bob Weil in his apartment in 1995. With a mix of innovative ideas, and plain old hard work, Bob became a member of the vanguard of stomp box builders that in the mid 1990’s turned the effects world on its ear with new and exciting designs that finally gave guitarists everywhere a new pallet of tones to work with.

Weil amply did his part with innovative products like the Visual Volume, 1 SPOT power supply, Route 66 American Overdrive, Jekyll and Hyde Ultimate Overdrive, and the H2O Liquid Chorus and Echo. These products quickly made an impact with users and dealers alike. Visual Sound became known for having great sounding products that were backed up with top notch service and support. Visual Sound is now Truetone, but the people haven’t changed and the products and service are still first rate.

Weil explains his vision this way: “We’ve worked hard for many years to make our products not only sound great, but also hold up to the demands of the working musician. The test procedures and quality control standards that Chief Engineer R.G. Keen and I have developed are extremely thorough. On top of that, we designed our switching system to pretty much last forever, and we’re very picky about our critical parts suppliers, too. When it comes down to it, we hate to have our gear go down in the middle of someone’s gig, so we’ve gone over the top with reliability. To prove it, we’re now offering a lifetime warranty on all of our V3 pedals. And since we’ve been around since 1995, you can be confident we’ll be around to support that warranty.”

The V3 line of pedals began with the Dual Tap Delay, the first dual delay pedal with a tap function governing both delay circuits, followed by the Single Tap, which was half of the mighty Dual Tap. The line then expanded to the VS-XO Premium Dual Overdrive, followed by the V3 H2O, which both won the Editor’s Pick awards from Guitar Player, and Platinum Awards from Guitar World. The latest in the V3 line are the new V3 Route 66 and V3 Jekyll & Hyde which are more than mere re-boots of signature pedals: they are carefully thought-out complete redesigns with all new features and additional tones.

In summer 2015, Truetone introduced the new 1 SPOT Pro CS-7 and CS-12 power supplies that are capable of powering just about any effects device, and are usable anywhere in the world.

Check out the Truetone website for information, videos and news about all the great Truetone products!

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