ToneQuest Report: July-August 2009 – Vol. 10 No. 9-10


  • A Most Excellent Hang… Our Interview With Little Feat Guitarist Paul Barrere
  • It’s August… It’s Hot.This Is Hotter… The Return Of Dixie Chicken!
  • Review – The Rivera Venus 3… A Dual 6V6 1×12 That Will Rock Your World!
  • Interview – Mike Piera (Analogman) On The History Of Compression Pedals
  • Review – Analogman Comprosser
  • The King Of Ponce On Amp Mods… Jeff Bakos Gives It Up On His Favorite ‘Mods’
  • Review – When Less Is More… The Amp Preserver
  • Feature – The Momentary Suspension Of Disbelief And The Search For The Holy Wail…
  • Without Clarity, You Got Nuthin’
  • Interview And Review – Bob Burt’s Clean Boost, Overdrive & Heirloom Pine
  • Interview And Review – Noiseless In Richmond… Lindy Fralin’s Noiseless P90 & Strat Pickups!
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