ToneQuest Report: December 2006 – Vol. 8 No. 2


  • West Coast Blues… A Journey Into The Signature Tones Of West Coast Jump Blues
  • The Junior Watson Interview – Watson On His Heroes, The West Coast Vibe, And The Vintage Gear That Made Him Famous
  • Rick Holmstrom On Tone… The Harmony H62, Harmony Stratotone, Tweed Bassman, Baby Valco’s, And The Rig That Rocked Ry Cooder’s World…
  • Echo Tone…Our Review Of The Fulltone Tube Tape Echo
  • Review – Righteous Blues Tools… The ‘50s Harmony Artist Jazz Guitars& Espanada, Plus Our Review Of The H62
  • Review – The 1957 Supro Glenwood Amp… Rare Valco Tweed Loaded With Dual Rola 6×9 Alnicos Makes A Heady Brew
  • Review – The Lindy Fralin 1×15 Combo By Vintage Vacuum Tube Amps
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